now before you run off with greed
and glee in owning a confession
becoming once again so renewed
strong and deadly self-righteous
i wouldn’t want you to get it wrong
realize first and with some care
that your efforts will be moot
without a satisfying conviction
for i have already been bound
tied and set afire amongst the
hungry pillaging my ashes strewn
and caught on sticky scarlet paint
a form of my blood on guilty palms
so you cannot think to burn me
my disingenuous and tired lover
with your wicked ways and tongue
for what i have done in my past and
am set to do for days beyond this night
will leave you cold wet dark and meek
even though i was merely an innocent
to passions and the forbidden such
saintly men that i spat upon ha
turning stones into cracking mud
so very delicate soft defensive
and not so shocking they were odious
and weak i have sinned against sin thru
a smile yet still it is you who will swoon and
who will land like glass on brick held down
by my slightest and most capricious touch

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