Writing Reminder Note: Little Shadows

can’t write the note yet, little spiders, little  shadows scurrying, hissing at the cat trying to chase the broom, but really she’s fast asleep on the bed in my son’s room

i sweep it all up. it’s not scary.

oh that’s right, i forgot to eat. i got the pizza from the fundraiser in the to-go container.

to-go container, to-go box, empty box over there, waiting to be filled with stuff, the big pack the big move has come and there is so little time left to kill

i box it all up. not all of it.

oh yes, the little shadows. i’m hungry. that pizza. i should save some though, baby boy is off peanut butter i guess, reminds him of being sick.

so no more sack lunch sandwiches, he wants leftover pizza (MY leftover pizza) instead, pleeeeeeease…which means less to eat for me and i have to pick off everything but the cheeeeeeeese

oh my god i’m tired, brain pain–oh the shadows, i forgot! i’ll go now and write a reminder to–wait, finish preparing your morning scripts, or you know you’ll forget those next and you must have them at first alarm tomorrow, at your side in bed.

and grab some gatorade.

stupid little startling shadows. the least of the worst of that which flies out of my head.




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