Repetitive Intimacy

She writes same as she loves
Amorous and moody
And she eats a fig
As she drinks her diet tea
With the tease of her tongue
Around a salty mushroom head
The words flirting
With any space to give
Remember her
She was pale with such
A rash of sweetness
But boy don’t self flatter
Cause that was just the sugar
And the ice won’t help
When the pen is out of ink
Pull your zipper up
Lay the paper down
A sudden exhaustion
The daily grind
Too many distractions!
With a new sunrise
The twins no of no sleep
An acute list left
To prioritize
Pull back your bow
Rest on glass hooves
We don’t need his kiss
Or want his need
And that same dictionary
Wasting on a dusty shelf
Those old charms just can’t do
Logic is in clear sight
Steady steady
Breathing today won’t hurt
Until today becomes tonight
Pathetic pleas now just curt
Each has awoken
From one another they tear
A meaningless come hither
All dazzling spells lay broken
Romances best shattered
Tentative rhymes only jest
A billie goat’s bleating
His pride pool blood battered
Against my heart lacking chest
Fingernails screeching
Sheets of blank lines scattered
Boredom so imminent
Bursting such the fragile bond
Once you thought so infinite
Close your eyes dear
The covers are on
Rip the pages clear
Cause from the beginning
This dance had been done.


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