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Time Fell Off

And I thought enough
I had gone away
But as it turned out
It was just a short lie
And now I’m back at it
Fiendishly, not unlike before
Because this thing is worse
Than a chemical addiction
I can bite on chalky gum
To stop the carcinogens
And repeat twelve steps
To depreciate the drink
But where is the resolve for this
Which step ends wretchedness
To whom do I make amends first
For crushing and suffocating
Stalking with my wanton cries
But didn’t I suffer the most
Do I console and pity myself
Where is my circle to confide in
How does one gain said serenity
If they can’t jump from truth
Reflecting in compact mirrors
Self-deprecation and bitter flaws
Broken powder conflicted scratching
The filmy face of illuminated hate
Are we really that powerless
Or perhaps it was just me
But I am one step ahead already
At least internally I can outwardly
Breathe an easy admission of issue
And take distorted comforts
With the idea of some bright future
Even if in real time I am aware
I must have purposefully blinked
In my comatose state and I let
Tomorrow sneak past me
While I was deciphering yesterday
And now I realize whole-heartedly
That not just accidentally somehow
But as a result of my mission
To triumph in self-sabotage and oblivion
I lost the slightest ability or hope
Of ever waking up to catch today.


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A Pre-Coined Formula

I shall withstand you, my error, So make the most of her, your little doe, Your little bunny, your little much fairer, I won’t forgive, or feign, or move aside, Until your conscience is set afire; by and by I shan’t forget you, as I said, but now If you embarrass me with your crudest tongue, I will assuage you with my easiest truth. I would never that lust were more simply-cold, And odes were not so brilliantly blinding as they are, But so it is, and nurture has failed To teach from our past cupids’ mistakes thus far,– Whether or not we come out of this alive is irrelevant, for the heart already bleeds thinly thru much too thick a scar.

In response to Daily Post Prompt “Aesthetic

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they are due here by invitation


those winds are blowin sharp tonight
this air is thick with hunger and sweat
beads of voracity run down their neck
calm as the dead for me as i wait in wet

inside though tells a different tale
my fever cuts thru too deep
down below a familiar churning
all my sweetness fades away
little devil his horns soon to swell

all hands are a mess on me now
clumsily racing over marks left
not by another’s anger but my own
scratching away the regrets i make
the shame and the sorrow of lost time
loneliness and pity that i can’t escape

let’s pull at it quickly now oh it seems
their breath is hot and relentless pouring
out upon my neck with thick sourness
all intentions have a target but no depth
sweet southern cures and not gutted blame
i set out to let them in, to welcome the new pain
putting on the act, hiding the reality i lamely feign

calloused palms leave fresh square yellow bruises
salacious slurs spray with my blood from their lips
giving verifiable substance to my nonexistence
and for it all i cry out needing it more and more
please good true doctor god, tell me tell me
is there a way out of this, the right path home
or am i forever a loyal slave to the other side
a wretched whore of  the black snake moan

posted in response to Daily Post Prompt “Invitation